Thank God for Shia

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Hi and welcome to labeouf_daily...A picture community dedicated to the oh-so-lovely Shia LaBeouf! If you're a fan then just join, post pictures (And most importantly...Get pictures!!!), meet other Shia fans, and have fun! Be sure to read the rules


- Every entry must contain at least one picture with Shia.
- Any picture with Shia will do...Movie stills, public appearances, wallpapers, LJ icons etc etc!
- When taking a wallpaper, an icon, a picture etc posted here, be sure to upload them to your own imagehost! DO NOT direct link!
- When posting pictures etc, use the lj-cut!
- The idea with a x_daily community, is that each member post one picture pr. day...But as that can be impossible for someone, it's okay if you don't post everyday...Twice or more pr week is okay...Well, as long as you post once in awhile, I'm happy!

If you don't have an imagehost try Photobucket

LJ-Cut: <*lj-cut text="What the link should say">content<*/lj-cut>
Posting Pictures: <*img src="Image URL goes here">

Remember to move the *'s!



If you have a x_daily community, or any community with Shia, and you wanna affiliate, just contact hep_hey